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Frankenberg is an imagi-nation; a made up land designed for wargaming. It sets the scene for the combats to be fought between the mighty armies of the Confederate powers – Britain, the United Provinces and the Holy Roman Empire, and Louis XIV’s France (and allies).

In this blog you will find the background of Frankenberg, my labours as I collect and paint the armies for this game, the rules that I use, and the battles that are fought as these two mighty powers clash, in a little land known for its licentious ruler and a proliferation of beer and sausage.

There are plenty of Imagi-nations out there in Blogland, and I have drawn inspiration from them all, but it is the spirit of gaming epitomised by the late Charles Grant and Peter Young that animates me more than anything.

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  1. August 15, 2010 4:47 pm

    Hi, I’ve just learnt about your WSS Imagi-Nation at the ‘Emperor vs Elector’ main blogsite (

    My name is Lluís, and it happens that I’m also ruling an Imagi-Nation set up in the (late) War of Spanish Succession, whose name is Galatea. It is straightly inspired in Catalonia and its actual dramatic involvement in that war.

    At the time when I decided to create such Imagi-Nation I was regularly following the ‘Emperor vs Elector’ community, so that I asked to join them as a new member, and was accepted as such.

    As you probably know, that Imagi-Nations community is not set in WSS time, but un the 1740s-1750s. As I wouldn’t like to let my Imagi-Nation to suddenly appear without a background, I planned to wholly re-fight the dramatic 1713-1714 campaign in the Peninsula (happened between Utrecht and Rastadt), as a ‘starting point’ for my Imagi-Nation’s birth -in the eventuality my Catalans succeed in repelling the final Two offensive, of course…!

    The aftermath of that campaign should mark what kind of Imagi-Nation would I be able to build -ranging between a Catalonia unexpectedly triumphant (and presumably hungry of revenge, so risking militarism) and a nation in exile (maybe through a mass emigration to Naples, or even to the New World, who knows?…).

    After some months of work, I am now already running the campaign. It is hosted in

    My posts there are being shown in an approximately chronological order. Many of the turns moves are explained in a ‘role-played’ mode, performed by individual characters whose personal adventures intermix with the military campaign itself. Other times, the characters are developing their own stories, in an interacting role with other Imagi-Nations (with some mutually agreed abstraction on time shiftings…)

    I’d be most happy you would track it from time to time. Even you might be interested in keeping some kind of regular contact, or to jointly imagine some kind of inter-action. If so, don’t hesitate to drop me a line on this.

  2. August 15, 2010 4:49 pm


    Please where reading “repelling the final Two offensive”, it should be read as follows: “repelling the final Two CROWNS offensive”.


    • Natholeon permalink*
      August 16, 2010 6:00 am

      Thanks for the info, Lluis. I’ve signed up as a follower. Us Spanish Succession imagi-nations have to stick together!

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