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Frankenberg’s allies

November 17, 2009

Louis XIV is not prepared to let his new ally down, and is even less predisposed to Luddie dropping the ball. So the French marched a contingent into Frankenberg even before the Archbishop’s intentions were declared.  General le Comte de Fois-Gras proudly stood on the steps of the Ubertreibung Palace and announced to the cheering crowd:

“Vos saucisses sont sûres dans les mains de Son Roi de Majesté Louis!”

Which set the diplomatic world in a spin.

 The first regiments to be sent to Frankenberg by the French King can be viewed here:


The Gardes Francaises themselves are represented in this arena. Louis is well aware of the potential strategic value of Frankenberg, and is ready to commit some of his best troops to this theatre.

The Regiment Picardie, premier line regiment of the kingdom, also committed to the fight.

The Regiment Lyonnais.

The Regiment La Marck, part of King Louis’ German contingent.

The first few squadrons of horse trickle over the border. The Villequier Chevaux-Legers…

… and the Gendarmerie itself.

The figures are all Lancashire Games 15mm range, which stand about 18mm tall and are very enjoyable to paint. I have a total of 9 battalions of Infantry (24 figures), 6 Regiments of cavalry (12 figures) and 4 artillery guns per side to paint, so still plenty of work in front of me. On the way I will invent the fictitious units of Frankenberg itself as a bit of a distraction, so stay tuned for that.

The next post will showcase the Confederate contingent.

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