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The Archbishopric of Frankenberg – a Cartographic Representation

November 14, 2009


Frankenberg is the ancient capital of this province, built on the river Frank, a tributary of the Rhine. The citadel sits atop the Frankenberg, a steep hill to the northwest of the city itself. It had been the site of a grand feudal castle, but was destroyed by Swedes in the Thirty Years War. The citadel was rebuilt as a modern fort, and presents a formidable obstaclet oany would-be aggressor. Frankenberg itself is fortified using modern techniques, as befits its strategic location.

In 1591 the residence of the Archbishop was moved to the beautiful cathedral city of Uberallesheim, after the Graf von Uberallesheim died in mysterious circumstances along with his entire family. It is not known how the horrible accident occured which saw a giant wine barrel  roll over the top of them, but it certainly worked in the favour of the Archbishops who inherited their territory. Oddly enough the cooper that made the barrel  later became a Cardinal. The incumbent Archbishop, Heinz Bohnen had a magnificent Cathedral built alongside the even more impressive Ubertreibung palace. The city was fortified along modern lines and has attracted many superlatives – not to mention the condemnation of Protestants who view the extravagant buildings as a prime example of the frivolous nature of the Catholic Church.

A number of towns dot the landscape, but in general the South is famous for its cheeses, the East for its wine and the West for its beer.   It is Frankenberg itself though, that produces the Wurst famous throughout Europe. People say that you simply do not know beauty until you have bitten into the Archbishop’s sausage…

The Frankenberg Coat of Arms

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